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Sweet Corn

Our corn varieties

Ambrosia:  An old-time favorite bi-colored sugar enhanced (SE) bi-colored sweet corn.  We have had this variety for many years.

Yellow Sweet Corn

Incredible - A (SE) sugar enhanced sweet corn. This is our “freezer corn”.

Honey Select - Is what we call our “Triple Sweet Yellow”.

Triple Sweet Bicolor:

Montauk - Our favorite of the triple sweets, bigger ear, juicy, great taste

Providence - triple sweet, with smaller kernels but a longer cob

Primus -  this triple sweet corn, is a little sweeter than providence and does have a longer cob

Euphoria - one of the newer ones we have planted, as one of our pickers states "tastes like you just ate a bowl of frosted flakes"

Quad Sweets

Temptress  - amazing sweet all over a great ear of corn

Nectar -  This will be a first this year planting it.  We are excited to try it.  

Our Story

Souder Farm Sweet Corn was started in the summer of 1985, as a project for myself so that I would not have to have a summer job.   My dad and I planted a new sweet corn variety called, Incredible, and this is one that we still use today.  We sold this sweet corn to neighbors and friends which all of them enjoyed and kept asking for more.  From just a few rows along side of my Dad’s field corn, started the great business we have today.  
The next year we planted a little more and within ten years we were planting  20 acres of sweet corn. We started selling to Marsh and Meijer and delivering sweet corn along the country side.  In 1996, our hoop barn was built, and this is where we still sell our corn at the farm. We are always looking for ways to expand.  We currently have baked goods, soups, pies, and more and more produce all being as local as possible.  We now have 70 acres of sweet corn. 

All Our Products

Beef:  Ground beef, Beef patties, Filets, Ribeyes, New York strip, Sirloin Flat iron, Skirt steak, Chuck roast, Rump roast, Brisket, Sirloin tip roast

Pork:  Sausage with salt, pepper and sage, Maple sausage, Bacon, Pork chops, Tenderized pork tenderloin, Boston butt roast

Produce:  Sweet corn -always our own, Green beans

When in season: Tomatoes, Peaches, Onions, Red potatoes, Watermelon,  Cantaloupe, Zucchini,  Cucumbers

Who else sells us?

Fresh veggies fairly priced and good selection of frozen meat.

R. Richmond

Love the wonderful corn and great prices. Super awesome people!!!!

Great selection · Knowledgeable staff

C. Williams

They have the best frozen sweet corn! Nice facility and family ran.

Fresh food · Local produce · Great selection · Knowledgeable staff

E. Goodman

They have the best corn and produce in Indiana. It is worth the drive. Love the sweet corn and tomato's. I got cucumber's, green beans, onions, potato's, peaches, strawberries, watermelon. They were all Delicious.They also have meat and frozen corn, I have not tried those yet but I bet they are great too.

C. Spurlock

Since we found Souder's we no longer buy our frozen corn anyplace or our ground beef. Love this place and the people who work there are so nice

P. Robertson