Frozen Sweet Corn

IMG_0596Our plan is to start freezing sweet corn after the initial rush of our customers  getting fresh sweet corn.  Some might ask, what do you mean by frozen sweet corn?  It is just how Grandma done it years ago in her kitchen.  We will shuck IMG_2022the corn within a few hours of being harvested.   This will be done with the help of a machine.  We also have a machine that will de-silk the corn.  We then will blanche the sweet corn and then allow to cool.  We then use a machine to cut the sweet corn off the cob.  We will pack it in 1 lb packages with a vacuum seal to lock in freshness.  After the first of August we will begin selling our frozen sweet corn.  This will be available at our farm and at some capacity year around.  It also will be available at Gettinger Family Custom Meats :: Rushville, IN, Brookville IGACaterers Knightstown, IN – Knightstown Locker IncWoodruff Supermarket | Liberty, IN – Mobile Edition, Cutshaw’s Market, Greensburg locker Huber Meats – 1023 North Ireland Street, Greensburg, IN 47240 (812) 663-7744, and Fisher Meats.

We also look to expand that list as much as possible.